Nft Marketplace Solution

Our company offers a ready-to-deploy solution for building your NFT marketplace, ensuring a quick and seamless launch. With a focus on user interface and global NFT trading, our solution provides a bundle of NFT marketplace development services in a single package, making it a convenient and efficient choice for improving your time-to-market.

Design your personalized NFT Marketplace using Blockcube

Our pre-built NFT marketplace provides a seamless solution for NFT enthusiasts looking to launch their own marketplace and showcase their NFTs to millions of users. By enabling platform owners to directly connect with a global audience, our marketplace can generate higher returns for its users.

How does it work?

For Buyers

Customers have the option to browse and buy their desired NFTs using either a credit/debit card or a cryptocurrency wallet.

For Sellers

NFT sellers have the option to either directly sell their NFTs to customers at a fixed price or place them on sale through an open auction.

Create NFT

Creating NFTs is a straightforward process: set up your wallet, create a collection, add NFTs to the collection, and list them for sale.

Explore the storefront

Explore the marketplace and gather abundant information such as NFT owner details, archives, and price descriptions through the storefront.

Wallet integration

Our platform supports integration with a variety of wallets, including XDCPay, Metamask, Torus, and Wallet Connect, allowing users to bid and purchase NFTs seamlessly.

Make Bid

Participate in an open auction on the NFT Marketplace Platform by placing a bid for your desired NFTs.

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