• Teledgers

    The DLT Platform is developed to manage and regulate Telecom commercial communication. It stores and manages data and customer consent and preferences with all the Telecom Operators as connected Operator Nodes, it also allows the regulatory authority to monitor and regulate the entire Telecom Ecosystem.

  • TraceYarn

    A platform used to increase the income of producers, and bring transparency and fibre to retail traceability. This will eliminate the role of middlemen and can be directly proposed to textile companies.

  • Hash#

    Using Blockchain’s distributed database and decentralized architecture, digital credentials establish trust among all participants and pave a path to a new era of digital trust and identity.

  • Finledgers

    A CAAS platform that streamlines intelligence for communication and serves as a one-stop shop for payments, BI, and bulk communication.

  • Tracetxt

    TraceTxt application is a security application for enterprise A2P bulk messaging.

  • DLT Research Foundation

    The DLT Research Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology.