A platform used to increase the income of producers, and bring transparency and fibre to retail traceability. This will eliminate the role of middlemen and can be directly proposed to textile companies.


How it works?

Implementation of blockchain technology in the Textile Industry would revolutionize the entire supply chain, which in the case of textile industry is very complicated as a number of stakeholders are involved. The Textile Industry currently face a lot of problems – counterfeiting, information asymmetry, fragile supply chains, low visibility, quality issues, etc. In face of all these challenges, blockchain technology has emerged to be a solution that would help establish supply chain traceability that would in turn help combat counterfeiting, and other issues.

Traceyarn is the implementation of blockchain in the Textile Industry that would help establish supply chain traceability and quality standardization.

Supply Chain Traceability

Establishing traceability would help combat counterfeiting and help in real time data acquisition.

Third Party Elimination

Elimination of middle-man would help especially with the farmer’s/producer’s economy

Quality Standardization

For an authentic buying experience and a sustainable and circular economy.

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