Using Blockchain’s distributed database and decentralized architecture, digital credentials establish trust among all participants and pave a path to a new era of digital trust and identity.


How it works?

The solution introduces educational and employment verification to facilitate decision making on the induction, deployment & use of technology, by providing to the leadership of educational institutions, state and governments and other stakeholders.

EdCert will provide- An independent evidence-based opportunity on technology-based interventions.

The validation process will establish trust required to transact without the centralized intervention. This means using a blockchain platform will result in lower cost - greater certainty and authentic certificates.

We recognized the need for a shift in focus to skills and competencies, allowing to perpetually build their educational record, demonstrate their skills and deliver the promise of lifelong learning.

Why Blockchain?

Network which improve supply chain processes by increasing transparency and traceability of transaction within the network.

Edcert Enables

Learners, job seekers, educators and employers to get the right people in the right jobs.

Why Hash#?

The learning credential to streamline the skills – to career process and create value for all stakeholders.

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