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A Blockchain is a secure distributed immutable database shared by all parties in a distributed network where transaction data can be recorded and easily audited. Blockchain could help AI in the following ways-

Help AI data trail: the AI black-box suffers from an explain ability problem. Having a clear audit trail can not only improve the trustworthiness of the data as well as of the models but also provide a clear route to trace back the machine decision process;

Increase AI effectiveness: a secure data sharing means more data (and more training data), and then better models, better actions, better results.

Lower the market barriers to entry: let’s go step by step. Blockchain technologies can secure your data. You can have a decentralized network where any and all system (bot) interactions can be managed, viewed, and verified. It is also the framework for ensuring that the data fed into the AI via the conversational user interface (bot) can be assigned a data owner who can be compensated for it.

Reduce catastrophic risks scenario: an AI coded in a DAO with specific smart contracts will be able to only perform those actions, and nothing more. It will have a limited action space.

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