File Storage & Sharing


Work Details

Data sharing has always been prone to attacks, hackers are always present in a search for ways to hack any data by means of channel diversion or accessing the encrypted transferred data. 

Blockchain will be helpful for creating a system which will help in sharing data over the network securely. 

On a decentralized blockchain where data is stored on many individual nodes across the globe, it is much more difficult to create disruptions and there is huge cost reduction.

A harder-to-hack system

With granular audit trail for all stored data, regulators get independent and indisputable proof that the stored data has not been modified

Tamper-proof data

As blockchain technology stores hashes of its data blocks it's impossible to tamper the data making the data highly secure


No third party controls user data or has access to user files. Each node only stores encrypted fragments of user data and users control their own keys.