Work Details

MediLocks is a Blockchain based decentralized infrastructure to maintain electronic health records. It enabling simple and secure exchange of medical records. MediLocks eliminates the need of intermediaries in storing electronic health records, by using trustless Blockchain.

It provides immutable, transparent provenance, and data control to users. Patients can selectively share their immutable data set with new authorized doctor, Insurance Companies or Government.

The Electronic Health Records is shared in secured way, so that no data manipulation occurs and privacy restrictions are intact. Data is shared on request basis.

EHR at your fingertips. Patient’s Clinical and Diagnosis immutable history is accessible anytime anywhere, making diagnosis faster.

Inter Operatibility

Efficient Data Management Protocol enhances interoperability across global systems, eliminating geographic and system boundaries.


All patient History data on Medilocks carry a verifiably accurate provenance trail.This improves subsequent diagnosis time.

Patient Data

Patient Data from various sources like IOTs, Clinical Information, and Doctor visits are all appended to Electronic Health Record DB