Public Distribution System


Work Details

The supply chain will secure traceability and control without all participants disclosing all their customers and suppliers to a central party. 

Blockchain technology enables possibilities to track a particular package of food, can or any item to which you can put a unique identifier such as a barcode, QR code, or a RFID transmitter. 

The farmer will be paid according to the data in the ledger the amount of bags they have given. Smart Contract will be helpful in reducing the process of manually searching for the farmer record.


Blockchain will help to easily maintain immutable and secure information of the food being sold to only the general public.


Fingerprint of the user acts as the private key of the sender forming a transaction in the blockchain specifying that the food grain has been reached to general public.

Get Smart Ownership

As the stock will be having the digital signature attached where we can easily find the existence of the stock in the blockchain.

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