Work Details

Implementation of Blockchain in the Telecom Industry can bring about enormous benefits with its efficiency and interoperability. Blockchain provides an ex-ante enforcement of technical rules, thereby reinforcing the opportunities of regulation by code and the corresponding legal implications it might entail.

Our implementation of Blockchain in Telecom ecosystem provides direct interaction between end-users, mobile operators and service-providers. Our Products includes Easy to Use Migration Facility, UCC Prediction and Detection Systems, Silent/ Abandoned Calls Detection, Geographic Relational Structuring.

All telemarketers request access from customers, only upon whose acceptance the telecom operator permits the marketer to connect. The consent is recorded in an immutable manner.

Teledgers provides Proof of Process validity that enables supervisors to trust a typical process, thus, guaranteeing TRAI that designated spam compliance is abided.

Spam Reduction

Teledgers disable the spam calling and SMS from telemarketers and operators.

Partners Management

Network, Enterprise, customers and partners can be managed on a single distributed ledger.


Blockchain efficiently handles various challenges involved in OSS/BSS processes such as portability, billing etc.

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