Civil Certification


Work Details

Decentralized Certifications Management. The Birth and other certificates would be digitally authenticated by issuing authorities (municipalities) and that authentication will be stored on Blockchain which facilitates verification of these documents by any third  party organization to whom owners provide access.

All the certificates such as birth, marriage, Death, domicile, caste etc. certificates will be stored in Blockchain/DLT in a immutable and irrevocable manner.

The decentralized centralized certification management provides the advantage of immutability, leading to true provenance and finality. It ensures the existence, integrity and attribution of communications, processes and data important for the organization.

Regulatory Transparency

With granular audit trail for all stored data, regulators get independent and indisputable proof that the stored data has not been modified

Trusted Timestamping

Trusted Timestamping, The process of timestamping is used securely keeping track of the creation and modification time of a document


Hashing and time stamping make for exceedingly strong evidence of the authenticity of a docs providing better digital evidence.