Education Certificate


Work Details

Educational certificates are key assets in the education domain. Such records needs to be shared with multiple stakeholders and it is imperative to ensure that they are trustworthy. 

Our innovative software using blockchain technology is capable of providing the academic credentials available on just a click of a single share button.This technology fits into a bigger picture enabling students to share their credential record with their institutions and organizations in a safe, trusted and tamper-proof manner.

The recipient will have control over how they curate credentials they own. They may choose to associate credentials with an established profile they own.


Students can rest assured that records will be written and stored permanently, without the possibility of modification or loss.

Durable & reliable

Due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, there's no central point of failure and you're better able to withstand malicious attacks.

Reduced cost

The software enables you to remove costs concurred by third parties or middlemen to verify the authenticity of the certificates.