HR Management


Work Details

The potential uses of HR management using blockchain will be limitless. For hiring, access to academic credentials and certifications will reduce the amount of time recruiters spend verifying information. 

All career-related ‘data blocks’ is being stored in immutable resume blockchains. 

Individuals will have full controls over their own data , to avoid misrepresentation and discrepancies. Digital signatures by multiple parties ceritfies the authenticity of an activity or certificate.

Resume Validation & Accessibility

Employer build a decentralized database of resumes, owned and controlled by candidates and authenticated by blockchain and validation will be automated on real time. 

Background Checks & Identification

Background checks and identity verification will be fast, automated and cost effective through blockchain technology. Frauds in HR practices will be stopped.

Payroll & Employee History Management

All the history of employees such as previous employment, personal identity, educational data and previous backgrounds, certification will be stored in blockchain.