Clinical Trials


Work Details

Clinical trial consent for protocols and their revisions should be transparent for patients and traceable for stakeholders. 

Our project follows a process allowing the collection of patients’ informed consent, which is bound to protocol revisions, storing and tracking the consent in a secure, unfalsifiable and publicly verifiable way, and enabling the sharing of this information in real time.

Our product will proactively identify eligible trial participants to help maximize placement into suitable clinical trials, improve enrollment target success and enhance treatments with relevant trial options.

Data access

Clinical data will be searchable and accessible from a central point, even while the data is safely replicated across an entire network.

Smart Contract

The inherent Smart Contracts within blockchain allows multiple stakeholders to transact and bind into digital contracts.

Data capture efficiency

Solution provides data integrity and process validity and if a single computer is destroyed or a file is corrupted, ensures data capture is still possible.