Health Insurance Claims & Disbursement


Work Details

Blockchain technology is set to change the way healthcare is managed forever. Our platform will bring together all the stakeholders on a single platform to exchange relevant information and save millions of dollars per year on fraudulent claims.

Smart contracts will automatically trigger transactions which will make the processing and denying claims easier and faster. This will immensely improve the trust factor in Insurance providers.

Identity Management

An insurer can check KYC details of an incoming customer/nominee with another insurer, and also verify his/her identity using connected government databases.

Transparent Proceedings

The proceedings can be seen by all the relevant nodes since nothing is hidden anymore. Each transaction is time stamped and contains details of entity who has posted the transaction.

Better Accountability

Each event is time stamped, promoting on time processing of claims among nodes, such as government departments. Delay from any node is registered and can be contested in the court of law.