Organ Management


Work Details

Our platform helps healthcare facilities finding match for organ paired-donation. Blockchain enabled our product provide a secure and traceable information transfer ts between healthcare facilities via Smart-contracts.

The potential for an error in this system to cost someone’s life is high. The current process for organ transportation is highly regulated, highly paperwork-intensive. In a blockchain, each transaction would be managed by a shared ledger, the chain tracking.

Proper Communication System

By storing every donated organ record and using the blockchain technology to distribute this data among all hospitals. This data can be made available to the patients who is in need.

Cost effective

Tracking every organ transplantation record to make the cost of transplantation transparent. This helps to reduce the additional costs which occur due to the monopoly of hospitals and also some of the illegal practices.

Distributed data

The distributed data is also made available to the government and organizations, to track the prices and provide proper monetary fund to the patients who can’t afford the organ transplantation.