Work Details

DigiHolo is a Blockchain as a Service Solution for luxury product manufacturers, to attract customers with “Zero Counterfeit Promise”. DigiHolo will benefit companies trying to prevent counterfeits.

DigiHolo gives complete transparency of product supply chain and shows the authenticity of the product. DigiHolo has a significant impact providing efficient and cheaper process which leads to increased sales and higher price point 

Digiholo enables brands to trace ownership flow of the goods across different stages and provides application for buyer’s to scan and view product provenance and authenticity

DigiHolo has a resilient proof of ownership system which allows seller to transfer the ownership of the product to the buyer. Buyer can find and verify the product in DigiHolo app

Track history

Get details of history of the product from its packaging to your doorsteps.


Buy genuine products which are DigiHolo certified. 

Get Smart Ownership

Get instant ownership of product incase if your product get stolen.

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