Logistics Management


Work Details

Monitoring the assets in the vehicles to track the condition of contents over the journey. Blockchain based solution ensures trustworthy data across the transportation and logistics ecosystem, since the entire network contributes to data validation.

The solution along with IoT is a formidable transformative force to improve traceability and efficiency. It allows many intermediaries in the chain, from handlers to Customs, from shippers to carriers to communicate safely, cheaply and effectively

Products sealed with RFID & EPCIS seals to track the product along with supply chain. EPCIS tag is scanned at each checkpoint and the readings are then put on the Blockchain where they will be permanently stored. 

It helps assuring product is handles safely across the entire journey. It allows you to store the information on authenticity, origin, property certificates, place of storage, and records securely.

Transparency for Customers

Customers will be able to see every part of the journey their product took before arriving in their hands, allowing them to make better informed decisions.

Transparency for Auditors

Because the history of transactions is locked into each block, auditors will have an easier time understanding where items and resources have gone. 

Greater Security

The solution will enable companies to identify attempted fraud more easily and help pinpoint the bottlenecks across the chain.