Ordnance Supply Chain


Work Details

Ordnancer offers Defence Dept. supply chain immutable transparent data handling solutions to empower the analyst, officials, ministry or mission personnel while balancing privacy, security and legal concerns with operational effectiveness.

Ordnancer provides a Internet of Things based tagging solution that helps monitor, maintain and optimize military assets. It offers a way to record transactions or digital interactions that is designed to be secure, transparent, highly resistant to outages, auditable, upgradable, and efficient.

Ordnancer’s capacity is to be transparent, auditable, reliable, immutable and irrevocable, at the same time being cost-efficient by reduction of intermediaries and reconciliation work makes it, most perfect solution for defence supply-chain management.

Ordnancer helps in supplies tracking. It can track and secure medical and food supplies by gathering information and certifying its authenticity. It can assure the viability of assets along the entire chain.


All transactions are visible to authorized participants within ledger and identifiable on pseudo-anonymous basis. All records are immutable and auditable.


Using analytics on gathered data through established sensors and communication network, any breach in integrity of supply chain is traceable

Tamper Proof

Ordnancer uses NFC and RFID tags to identify real assets. With proof-of-ownership, real assets are tracked provably.