Grievance Manager


Work Details

Blockchain-based public grievance management and addressability system creates a trustworthy feedback system and grievance addressability systems that allow citizens to ‘rate’ and provide feedback/raise a grievance on issues that matter to them.

Effective grievance management is an essential part of personnel management. A good process can enhance outcomes and give people satisfaction that their complaints have been heard, even if the outcome is less than optimal.

As soon as a grievance arises, it needs to be identified, acknowledged and resolved. Blockchain provides the best way to address employee complaints, manage their outcomes. Additionally, it removes the issue of Deniability of existence of a grievance by any level of the management team. Grievance once entered in a Blockchain is immutable. The Public Distributed Ledger Technology provides safer way of maintaining the data integrity, manipulation and reduces the risk of data loss. Data can be shared faster and in real time.Moreover, Blockchain shortens the lifecycle of grievance management from days or months to hours.