Work Details

Blockchain based solution for railway, aviation or sports material and products procurement, prevents scam at each and every step. Procured items are equipped with IoT Devices and sealed with RFID seals to track the product along the supply chain. Using blockchain’s traceability feature, we provide real time update of product data.

Blockchain enables multi-echelon supply management bringing transparency and improving coordination between supply chain partners.

There is need of a system in which the procurement items data is stored in an immutable and trustworthy manner and no one can tamper it. And these features are only provided by blockchain. All the procured items like foods, locomotives, sports items etc. are scanned at each checkpoints and data related these is stored in blockchain in an immutable manner enabling synchronized audit trails.


The documents in blockchain is tamper proof i.e. nobody can tamper the documents.


Distributed ledger Technology keep all records in an immutable manner.It means it cannot be modified or changed.


Trustworthy is the Feature in which nobody needs to trust in any authority, because of its Decentralized feature