International Roaming


Work Details

Blockchain solve the problem of operators to integrate high-cost systems and provide access/authentication settings for enabling roaming calls across networks and operators.

Blockchain enable complex datasets across multiple parties, in real time with high trust and security, particularly for establishing subscriber identity.

Roaming fraud could be mitigated by implementing a permissioned blockchain between every pair of operators that have a roaming agreement. Every time a subscriber triggers an event in a visiting network, a smart contract and the terms of the agreement between the roaming partners are executed. This allows instantaneous and verified authorization as well as settlement to occur – reducing costs and reducing fraud.

Real Time Data Availability

Fast action on roaming data provided. Automatic triggering of roaming contract enables near-real-time charging which reduces roaming fraud.

Faster Dispute Resolution

Through clear transaction history between operators single source of truth is maintained to reduce multiple conversations between parties.

Instant payments

Buy your pacakges globally on a finger tip instant. Global access providers can be listed and managed through your phone app.

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