OSS/BSS Management


Work Details

Through standardisation and process simplification, blockchain support a number of BSS/OSS processes such as number portability, billing and flexi eSIM provisioning. For number portability, the technology can assist by removing third-party clearing houses and allowing number porting events to be routed from one operator’s blockchain to another, with validation by each operator’s network. Blockchains can also be used to counteract roaming fraud.

By eliminating the third-party clearing house and through automatic triggering of roaming contract based on call/event data which enables near-instantaneous charging and reduction in roaming fraud.

Fraud Prevention

For identity fraud, blockchain could change the process where identity is validated and verified by device.

Identity Management

In a blockchain, identity authentication could be applied across devices, applications and organizations.

Real time load management

Real time updates of traffics of calls and texts combined with trust full parties makes load maanagement efficient.

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