KYC Management


Work Details

KYC management is managed workflow application that enables organizations to better manage their KYC processes for both individuals and corporate.

End-to-end solution streamlines the on-boarding process for customers, greatly improving efficiency and circumventing any manual efforts. KYC management shared between all the organizations decreases the cost of each verification and makes it more efficient and faster

Blockchains integral property called Cryptosignatures make KYC management faster and more reliable. .

KYC verification for a single user is done multiple times for multiple organisations, this is a heavy charge paid multiple times. Blockchain creates a transparent environment where organisations can share their verification status with each other. 

Governance And Data Quality

Blockchain offers a robust hurdle against fraud. Once entered, data on the Blockchain ledger cannot be altered

Communication and transparency

KYC management will allow active monitoring from account openings to day to day transactions.

Comprehensive authentication process

KYC verification solution will help financial institutions quickly verify the identity of individuals.