Land Registry


Work Details

Decentralized land document storage Platform with crypto signatures and time stamped ownership transfers

Each Land can be traced back to its original owner help in preventing any mishaps that can possibly happen between transacting parties.

Web based GIS (Cadastral Mapping) is used to map land and boundaries which are stored in Blockchain which is immutable & Irrevocable.

Benami land registration will be stopped and can’t be register further.Land registration document counterfeit will be stopped and only real owner can register property.

Fraud Detection

Land registration and attestation is susceptible for Frauds and have been influenced by it from years. Track back to the origin created by Blockchain is a perfect audit trail for Fraud detection

Online Registry

Asset management feature in Blockchain makes ownership transfer viable to use online. Time and energy spent in going around all the government offices is saved.


Secure logins with public and private keys combined with crypto signatures paves way for a new way verification. Officials can attest a document online saving lot of time and paper work.