Decentralized Leasing and Renting


Work Details

List or Search your property easily on our digital marketplace.Contract and Sign your rental agreement seamlessly and securely on our digital contracts system.

A blockchain system will provide better real-time information on listings, reduce human error, and safeguard sensitive proprietary information from being shared.

The blockchain contains a certain and verifiable record of every transaction ever made, which mitigates the risk of double spending, fraud, abuse, and manipulation of transactions.


A blockchain-based digital identity of a property will include its history, location and title details. Securely sharing with authorised entities will ensure perfect transparency.

Improved Property Search

A blockchain-based multiple listing service (MLS) allowing brokers more control over their data and increased trust, because listings would be more freely accessible.

Financial Evaluation

This product will alleviate challenges of physical identity proofs and expedite some of the pre-transaction activities such as underwriting, financial evaluation and obtaining a mortgage commitment.