Work Details

Blockchain enabled dynamic security issuance and secondary trading technology platform for real estate securities and properties. PropInvest establishes a decentralized platform for diversifying a long-term real-estate investment portfolio.

PropInvest is a global real estate investment portfolio that will offer additional benefits than a traditional Real estate investment trust by intertwining REITs to the decentralized Blockchain Technology. We help developers and builders create liquid investment vehicle of a secured asset class out of their existing projects.

Asset Owning Company/Developers will be paid dividends monthly unlike traditional REITs which is 50% Rental Income.

We empower the property sector which is the single largest asset class globally, making it transparent and efficient. Now invest anywhere around the world.

Easier To Sell

Attract all kinds of investors by splitting your property into small parts for easy sell and purchase

Rental Revenue

Monitoring tools perform periodic check of file integrity and alert in case of discrepancies.

Liquid Vehicle

PropInvest helps you with new issuance or secondary trading for targeted assets.