Blood Donation


Work Details

Blood management is highly vital especially with the advent of a lot of diseases related to blood. Blockchain is used for maintaining a secure and one stop shop for the records of the blood samples that can be updated by all the entities involved and also maintain transparent transactions between each other.

It provides immutable, transparent provenance, and data control to users. Patients can selectively share their immutable data set with new authorized doctor, Insurance Companies or Government.

New and innovative way to track your blood donated or to be received through and app or website is possible throught block chain. Ensuring 100% relaibility on the quality , type and source of the blood.

Trustless System

Creates a platform for these non-trusting entities to interact with each other without any trusted intermediary in a verifiable manner.

Track and Traceability

Provides track of when blood is donated and every entity along the way updates the blood sample with details. info on the Blockchain.

Inventory Control

Provides a decentralized system that stores all the information about blood samples, and supervises the flow of blood sample from donor to hospitals.