Loyalty Program Solutions


Work Details

We aim to bring interoperability between reward points ledger. Our exchange program makes it easier for loyalty programs to transfer rewards from one system to another with atomic swaps at publicly available market value.

Users can redeem the points conveniently via a single interface, rather than multiple loyalty platforms. User will be in total control of their loyalty rewards.

In the Loyalty program trade-off cost savings will be identifiable on three major levels– system management, transactional, and customer acquisition. Targeted marketing to individuals will lead to lower acquisition and retention costs.

The solution creates an immutable and time-stamped distributed database entry of every single transaction ever made, making each transaction and its record easily traceable.

Unified Points Ledger

Single source of truth for managing the loyalty points. No reconciliation is needed.


Exchange of points is governed by the rules of loyalty rewards program providers

Faster Loyalty Engine

Custom offers made to users directly from manufacturers/brands and exclusive to them